Here we give ten tips to buy gemstones online that will ensures you a safe and rewarding purchase at the correct price.

With advent of internet and online shopping has made buying and selling of Gemstones easier with the click of a mouse, however is buying gemstones for astrological purpose is that easy?

The problem lies in the details and buying gemstones whether at the jeweller shop or online is a difficult task.

1) The foremost consideration when you buy gemstones online or elsewhere is the colour. The colour should be as pure as possible without a mixing of shades. For example just Blue is quite different from Bluish Green, Violet and so on. Colour of a Gemstone is made up of hue, tone and saturation and higher the tone and saturation the better the colour.

2) The Top Shades are true colours without any mix of shades. For example a deep red should fetch a higher price than a pinkish red. It is important that the vendor that you are buying gemstone from has spent considerable amount of time, efforts and resources in Gemstone Photography

3) When Buying Gemstones online in India always give more weightage to video than to photo as a 3D view gives you a better chance to evaluate cut, color, clarity and most importantly inclusions. Inclusions can have a major impact on the final price.

4) You should have the facilities for comparison of color and price when selecting gemstones online. Gem price per carat is a difficult subject but in general you should be able to compare prices of 2 gemstones in the same weight range.

5) It is important when you buy Gemstones online in India that treatments are clearly disclosed. The most common treatment when buying Gemstone is heat. Heat treated Gemstones are typically 20-25% lesser in price than unheated ones.

6) Origin of the Gemstone is important to some people who are buying gemstones online. Blue Sapphires from Burma, Kashmir and Sri Lanka are the most preferred sources however Blue Sapphires from Tanzania, Madagascar, Australia and Thailand also have their presence in the market.

7) It is also important that when you are buying gemstone online in India ensure that the certificate is from an independent and established Gem lab. Gemstone certification adds value to your purchase. If any case your Gemstone  is accompanied by an Appraisal from an established Government Body or a professional appraiser it is a big bonus.

8) When buying Gemstones online do ensure that you have plenty of Gemstones to compare so that you can get the gemstone of your choice.

9) When purchasing Gemstones online ensure that the Vendor has a clear defined returns and refunds policy.

10) When you buy Gemstones online try to compare similar products with several vendors to make an effective choice

Trust that the above 10 tips will make the purchase of your Gemstones online in India, safe, effective, rewarding and most importantly Valuable.